Secret Obsession (Calvin Klein)

Those familiar with the balls-out blare of the original Obsession may find this quieter cousin enigmatic, as befits a Secret. But only just. For this is still a fabulously sexy, indecorous scent-- Euphoria with the plum turned down, the sandalwood turned up, and the neckline cut as low as it can go. It's just that in this incarnation of sex on two legs, the lady also wears horn-rimmed glasses.

With one glance at her supermodel gams, you might think that you've got her sussed. Those lacquered red lips nibble the push-button end of a silver Cross ballpoint as she pores over-- what? Beauty's Punishment? 50 Shades of Gray? Sorry: it's the Corpus Juris Secundum. Not very titillating, true. But it will cheer you to know that our lovely lady is deep into Volume 71: Pleading.

Which is precisely what you'll be doing if you ever underestimate her again.

Scent Elements: Plum, jasmine, Damask rose, orange blossom, tuberose, mace, burnt amber, cashmere woods, sandalwood, vanilla