African Violet (Attar Bazaar)

Have you seen that commercial in which a spooky-cute toy-store clerk tells her customers to "Have a SUPER SPARKLY DAY!" Well, she does work at Happy Princess Wonderland. And if she doesn't wear sweet violet perfume, I'll eat my tiara.

Violets are the ultimate Pretty Princess flower... and Attar Bazaar's African Violet is the ideal Pretty Princess Purse Perfume. It's inexpensive enough for even the most rock-bottom budget... and is it sweet? (Quoth my husband, "Smells like Kabooms!") Similar to The Unicorn Spell, African Violet starts off green, so fresh it snaps-- but unlike Les Nez's violet, this blossom does not cop out. It shoots up like Jack's beanstalk, getting bigger and sweeter and girlier with every passing minute, a vast adorable flower face looming over the countryside like a full purple moon. It gets so big it scares me... and then suddenly it shrinks back down to pocket-sized proportions, ending on a nice violet-pastille scent:  easy, demure, and very, very lovely.

I thoroughly enjoyed the African Violet ride and I'd queue up for it again, even though I suspect I'd have to be twenty-five years younger (or 75% less cynical) to rock it properly. If you're a hip gothic Lolita with a not-so-secret soft spot for the Disney dolls of her youth, give this little sweetie-pie a try.

And yes: have a super sparkly day.

Scent Elements: Candied violets and MAGIC.