Challah Atcha Boy (Smell Bent)

In Neil Gaiman's Good Omens, Famine (he of Four Horsemen infamy) is a corporate executive who greenlights the production of MEALS™-- fat- and sugar-laden but nutritionally worthless filler disguised as real food. The idea is that you eat, grow fat, and somehow still die of malnutrition. If Famine ever decided to introduce a spritzable flavor booster for frustrated dieters, he could use Challah Atcha Boy as a model. Smell Bent describes it as "our favorite egg bread in a spray". If by "egg", you mean "sulphur", and by "bread", you mean "rubbing alcohol", and by "favorite", you mean "family of skunks knocking over my trash cans", then it will not disappoint you.

Me, I hated it. I hated it so much I shouted curse words after spraying it, because I realized I couldn't take it back. I hated it so much I accidentally-on-purpose threw it in the trash... and then fished it back out so that I could have a reference sample of everything that is wrong with the world. Challah Atcha Boy is one of the worst things I have ever smelled, which is different and/or more than merely one of the worst perfumes I've ever smelled. I'm sure there's some sort of prize I could give it for this achievement-- but for lasting a full minute with this gourmand tear gas on my skin, I believe I deserve that prize more.

Scent Elements: I don't know, and I don't WANT to know.