Mirrorball (Smell Bent)

We awakened this morning to two inches of snow glittering in early morning sunshine. Due to frigid temperatures, the snow is granular, as fine and weightless as talcum powder; the slightest breeze lifts great sparkling clouds of ice crystals high into the air. All morning long, the world has seemed filled with mica-dust; we all feel as though we're living in a snowglobe or vintage greeting card.

To extend the magic, I'm wearing icy-hot aromatic Mirrorball. Its mentholated resins and pine sap freshness possess the trick of smelling cold while making me feel very warm indeed. To boost the temperature, I'm wearing gorgeous lime-green wool socks hand-knitted by Bloody Frida and listening to Radiohead on my lunch break. Ice Age coming, Ice Age coming, sings Thom Yorke. Really? Bring it on.

Scent Elements: Incense, woods, hyacinth, jasmine