Spice (Attar Bazaar)

Today is Tjugondag jul, the last day of the Scandinavian Yuletide season. The tree and all of its ornaments have been packed away; we've finished the very last of the Christmas candy (it was rough going, but it had to be done). I'm wearing an attar called Spice-- a very wintry fragrance which just makes it in under the Yuletide wire.

Originally prefaced with the word "Holiday" (presumably to leave no doubt which season it belongs to), Spice is a rich, satisfying fragrance located exactly at the junction between gourmand (vanilla, cinnamon, sweet orange peel) and Oriental (frankincense and myrrh). Basically, what this boils down to is a deliciously gooey baklava syrup for your wrists-- a warming and appetizing scent that extends the cozy Christmas season (at least olfactorially) for as long as your inner child wants it to last.

(Now where did I squirrel away that 'spare' marzipan?)

Scent Elements: Cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh, vanilla, and other blended attars