White Christmas Vintage Perfume (Saravel)

Really? This little off-brand dimestore 'fume makes the grade and merits its own review?  Yes, I say-- a resounding yes!

Launched by NYC outfit Saravel in 1943 (obviously for the holidays, what-what?) and discontinued a scant decade later, White Christmas is a sunny lemon-creme fragrance with an affinity for wintry weather. Laden with shimmering aldehydes and graced with a warm vanilla-balsam drydown, it manages to be sexy, luxe and cuddly all at once-- like a fuzzy white angora shrug worn to keep out the chill that a strapless gown and pearls can't deter. It's a fragrance any snow bunny worth her fluff would want to sport all winter long-- and maybe all summer, too. What does it have to do with the holiday whose name it bears? Absolutely nothing. But White Christmas brings me comfort, joy, and good cheer... and for those, there's no set season.

Scent Elements: My guesses are aldehydes, lemon, orange, bergamot, opoponax, styrax, vanilla, amber, and musk.