Iris Bleu Gris (Maître Parfumeur et Gantier)

Something smells LOVELY.

Not something one generally hears in reference to a men's fragrance, is it? Yet I've heard it multiple times since I started wearing Iris Bleu Gris.

My sample was given to me by a woman, and again, it's always women who fall into raptures over it. But men? Despite the fact that MPG created Iris Bleu Gris for them -- lucky bastards! -- they have thus far remained stolidly indifferent to its rooty-floral charms. Or else they're silently horrified by the experience of inhaling it off of a passing frail. Why would a chick want to smell like a dude, dude? Well, sir, if more dudes smelled like Iris Bleu Gris, the resulting crush and clamor of interested females would answer your question.

About that bleu gris: something tells me it's less of an homage to Vincent Roubert's Iris Gris than simply a means of suggesting that this fragrance is safe to wear with a business suit. Of course it really isn't, but men do feel secure in their regulation drabs. Synesthetically speaking, my mind's eye reads Geoffrey Beene's Grey Flannel as a gorgeous, shimmering vermilion-- but I doubt men would go for Orange Flannel any more than they'd opt to wear Mitsouko's flamboyant peach to the office.

And this is not to say they shouldn't. I hold firm to my belief that scent is genderless; everybody ought to feel free to wear everything, and it's only societal pressure that keeps men and women segregated in our respective scented ghettos. Many un homme has already discovered the joy of Mitsouko as well as the inner courage to wear it without apology. And yet I've encountered plenty of reactionary male bloggers who cling to their sad "active fresh" fougères with a sort of chauvinist fury. They accuse female perfumistas of neither understanding nor respecting the worth of such fragrances... yet make the contradictory claim that they act as "chick magnets".  (Really? Well, every magnet does have its repelling side...)

Ah, well. More for them, I suppose. I'd rather live in a world where Iris Bleu Gris, Mitsouko, and a million other colorful pleasures are equitably shared by all... suits and skirts alike.

Scent Elements: Greens, lemon, bergamot, iris absolute, vanilla, jasmine, oakmoss, vetiver, musk