Mahora (Guerlain)

A tropical confection, not only monumentally vulgar (no bad thing in itself), but also utterly humourless.
Jeez Louise! If we all listened to Luca Turin, what a lot of fun we might miss.

Named after the Cormoran island of Mahore (the place from which Guerlain sources its ylang-ylang), Mahora is a bosomy, complaisant tropical floral that reads like a combination of coconut suntan oil and the sandalwood paste that Mahorese women paint in delicate patterns on their faces for protection from the equatorial sun. In other words, it is both powerful and salubrious, a scent that serves (like its very beautiful bottle) as a talisman.

Objections? Please. Is my life so ideal that I wouldn't sign up for that, and then more of that, and then some? At this point, depressed as I am, I would rather have a dozen gleaming white-flower leis cascading from throat to navel than pearls of any size. And as for utterly humorless, I believe that these words more aptly describe Mr. Turin than Mahora. (Is someone in need of a vacation? I can certainly suggest a destination!)

Scent Elements: Orange blossom, almond blossom, green notes, ylang-ylang, neroli, tuberose, jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver