Gold Rush (A Dozen Roses)

Glynis, JC, and I discovered A Dozen Roses at Sniffapalooza Fall Ball and eagerly split a set of rollerballs between us. Glynis opted for Electron ("the shocking scent with green tea, violet, cattleya orchid and neon musk") and Shakespeare In Love ("the romantic scent with jasmine, gardenia, ylang ylang and fresh pear"); JC took home Iced White ("the cool scent with white peony, white primrose and white musk"), and I voted for Gold Rush ("the sexy scent with blackberry, neroli and bittersweet chocolate").

To be honest, I chose Gold Rush because I could actually smell it (unlike Electron and Iced White, to whose musks I remain entirely anosmic). I also preferred it because it was the least "rosy" of the entire line (unlike Shakespeare in Love, which was by far the most). But aside from all these rationales, I just plain like Gold Rush. It's nothing fancy or overly high-class; it smells like dessert-- but if you only indulge occasionally, with full enjoyment and a sense of having earned it, the simplest dessert can seem sumptuous.

Scent Elements: Rose, blackberry, neroli, ylang-ylang, bittersweet chocolate accord, ebony woods