Lighten up!

A good Oriental perfume need not be as dense as iridium to be taken seriously. L'Erbolario Méharées is a lighter-than-air gourmand amber with an exotic, sun-saturated quality well-matched to its name (a méharée is a camelback sojourn through the Algerian Desert). Imagine œufs à la neige eaten in a wadi by moonlight, and you have some clue as to the charm of this insouciant sweet thing. If sugar and romance aren't to your taste, L'Occitane's Labdanum offers a clean, blue-green pine resin note enfolded in a cloud of soft, powdery benzoin. It's drier and more expansive, blooming dramatically on skin and lifting the heart straight into the troposphere on a thermal gust of joy.

Shed your ballast and soar!

Scent Elements: Citrus fruits, spices, labdanum, benzoin, vanilla (Labdanum); myrrh, dates, spices (Méharées)