Néroli (Yves Rocher)

When Yves Rocher does things right, it's usually because they've done it simply, without frills, embellishments, or pretense. Néroli -- the newest fragrance in the Secret d'Essences collection -- is very, very simple and very, very right.

Composed by Véronique Nyberg, Néroli is a straightforward essay on the orange tree: primarily its blossoms, but also its buds, its fruit (juice and peel), its leaves, the scent of its wood, the glorious sunshine and crystalline dew which nourish it. That sounds like a lot, I know. But the result is simple, and also innately beautiful, not to mention a minor miracle-- for there are ways to fuck up orange blossom, though you will not find them here.

All of the objections, the recoiling, the feelings of derision that Ambre Noir stirred up in me are overturned by Néroli, neutralized by its olfactory benediction: a hosannah from the heart and soul of a flower.

Scent Elements: Mandarin, petitgrain, neroli, orange blossom, bigarade, white musk