Royall Lyme Cologne (Royall Lyme Bermuda)

Despite the fact that today begins a long-awaited vacation, I don't feel like celebrating. My last day at work proved rocky, as many days have lately; not for the first or last time, I exited the building in furious tears. At home, several glasses of white wine offered inadequate consolation; predictably, morning brought the grinding ache of hangover, intolerable in the early-summer heatwave.

Today I am wearing vintage Royall Lyme Bermuda in an attempt to cool my temper. I picked up this two-fluid-ounce bottle at the Columbus Farmers Market for three dollars after passing up a 10-ml. mini of the same priced at an aspirational eight bucks. The day had been cloudless, the sun brilliant and unrelenting; Royall Lyme might have boiled away in its bottle if I hadn't impulsively rescued it from that unshaded table. From that day to this one, I have never regretted this split-second decision. Every so often, rash acts pay off.

Royall Lyme is perhaps the best representation of natural lime I have yet encountered in a perfume. It is intensely acerbic, not at all sweet; it requires only minimal support from the purported seventy-seven other ingredients it contains (of which, thank god, coconut is not one-- the piña colada fragrance genre being populous enough). In hot weather, it lowers body temperature practically on contact. Add to all this the fact that lime essence suggests sun, salt air, relaxation, a return to health; aromatherapeutically speaking, it lifts the spirits and wards off black moods.

And by god, today I need it-- for that last reason, if for no other.

Scent Elements: West Indian lime peel, clove, cinnamon, bay rum, benzoin