The Smell of Weather Turning (LUSH)

This morning brought the threat of a derecho, and indeed, for about fifteen minutes the conditions outside had my spouse and I anxiously eyeing the Emergency Box (wherein candles, blankets, and batteries are stored). But the storm passed, leaving only gently falling rain in its wake.

In tribute, I chose The Smell of Weather Turning by LUSH as today's perfume. This fragrance is a veritable marvel of aromatic, atmospheric, and emotional engineering. A drop or two triggers an entire 3-D pop-up book of summer evenings past to open on your skin.

Black earth. Green grass. Fireflies. Banked coals glowing in the chiminea. Fresh sage leaves in the lemonade. The first raindrops spattering on patio slate. The head-clearing, minty scent of ozone on the breeze. The perfume of fresh hay and chamomile emanating from meadows beyond the borders of your sight.

If Breath of God was Exhale times Inhale, then The Smell of Weather Turning is Breath of God served up with the swizzle stick of mighty Zeus. But it's also the penny sparkler with which your childhood self spelled out magic words against the dark backdrop of an August night.

Divinity. Drama. Innocence. Brilliance.

Cue the wild applause.

Scent Elements: Oakwood, beeswax, hay, bay oil, nettle, peppermint, mint absolute, Roman chamomile