Delicious to the core.

Today I used up the very last drops of Solstice, Liz Zorn's apple-sans-apple fragrance of which I scored a manufacturer's sample two years ago.  Over that stretch of time, I've carefully eked out this beautiful sweet/smoky perfume molecule by molecule, enjoying its play of notes across the seasons-- from May bloom to summer quickening, from autumnal haze to winter hearthfire.

Wearing Solstice today for the final time gave me a combined sense of pleasure and nostalgia-- sweetness in the here and now; sweetness from the memories of past wearings.  I'm going to miss it... but if I find that my bereavement becomes too keen to bear, I could always head over to Liz' clearance sale, where a bottle of Solstice sells for a very kind $30 per eleven milliliters of demi-absolute. 

Under those terms, I do believe I can cope.