Heat treatment.

At half past three in the afternoon, the outdoor temperature gauge reads 104°F. Blistering sunlight pours through our southwestern windows (of which we suddenly seem to have nothing but); even with each shade lowered and every curtain drawn, that radiant menace outside is a palpable presence within. Despite air-conditioning, we're spent, yet restless. Even the cat can't sleep. There's little to do but lounge, eat, push fluids, and dream of nightfall.

Today's Soivohle is a combination of Blood Orange Vetiver and VanillaVille, two seemingly incompatible fragrances which (out of housebound boredom) I paired up to see if they'd get to talking. The conversation thus far has been fairly heated, with much gesticulation, booming voices, and maybe one or two expletives thrown in for effect. BOV's titular citrus smells uncomfortably like cough syrup in the heat, but it soon evaporates, leaving vetiver, vanilla, and coconut to hash things out in their resounding style. All in all, I don't regret making the introduction-- and even if I did, I'm the only one who would mind. Without sillage, this argument takes place only on my own skin; a little cabin-fever secret.