Le Rivage des Syrtes (Parfums MDCI)

Inspired (though don't ask me how or why) by Julien Gracq's 1951 dystopian novel of the same name, Le Rivage des Syrtes was composed by Patricia de Nicolaï-- a fact apparent immediately ere I smelled it. "Oh, fun!" I blurted. "Odalisque upside-down cake!"

I stand by my words. For this is de Nicolaï's galbanum-leather creation dished up with a syrupy side of canned pineapple. I like it, although in all honesty I liked the dry green Odalisque more. I also suspect that I would have liked Gracq's tale better than the description provided by LuckyScent:
(A) lonely sailor... travels far from home-- from island to island and along the shore to gather precious plants and exotic olfactory substances, which he stores carefully in a chest to bring back to his beloved... With the precious fruits secured as cargo, the search continues. Our hero gathers an abundance of heady florals... and tucks them into a basket he has lined with grasses in order to protect them. Finally, the sailor’s attention turns to the most precious and rare essences -– musks, incense and ambergris -– eternal mementos of his exotic travels and worthy of none save the one who waits for him alone, praying for his safe return.
So when is Fabio scheduled to shoot the cover of this paperback?

Scent Elements: Orange, pineapple, Iranian galbanum, ylang-ylang, tuberose, orange blossom absolute, incense, amber, vanilla, musk