Orris Ochre Demi-Absolute (Soivohle)

Now and again, Liz Zorn creates a fragrance on the fly, centered on a rare substance of which she has obtained a finite supply. The iris butter in Orris Ochre is one such ingredient-- and despite the gravitas you'd expect of such a risky and expensive undertaking, Zorn uses it as an opportunity to play. In her hands, the unapproachable iris reveals a light and friendly heart. Sumptuously couched in violets and pale suede like Bottega Veneta, it could easily take up residence on the Via Monte Napoleone. But its true and humble home is in a woodland bower, where the air is spicy with the scent of raw cedar and ferns, and where no one in their right mind would wear Italian leather. Orris Ochre is as evanescent on skin as it was in Zorn's repertoire, lasting but an hour. Even so, I have no intention of hoarding it in a closet for hard times: this buoyant, pretty fragrance demands to be loosed upon the open air.

Scent Elements: Orange, iris, honey, narcissus, violet, cedar, muhuhu wood, rosewood, suede