Palomino Eau de Parfum (Soivohle)

...cowgirls need something to do with their mouths while riding herd, and this is what they do: they stick a butterscotch LifeSaver in one cheek and a clove in the other. They seldom suck and never chew, but just concentrate on the mixture of juices that drips onto their tonsils from the LifeSaver and the clove, in a steady drip like rainwater running off the candied rooftops of Fairyland.

Now aside from being calming and occupying, requiring no spitting and no assistance from the hands, a butterscotch LifeSaver and a clove give a person the most interesting breath in the world.

It's no wonder the Rubber Rose ladies were always kissing on each other, although what a cowgirl does with her mouth once she's back at the bunkhouse shouldn't really concern us students of Western lore.

When there were thirty or more cowgirls riding for the Rubber Rose, sometimes the wheatgrass and the hills and the whole wide sky itself would start to smell like butterscotch and clove.

--Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
Scent Elements: Clary sage, juniper, cabreuva, galbanum, clove, cinnamon, amber, vanilla, frankincense, dry white wine, pomegranate, cedarwood, sandalwood, musk