Perfumes for the physician's office.

For today's medical appointment, I chose Orris Ochre as the fragrance most likely to achieve two very important goals. First, it's unobtrusive-- a crucial consideration when visiting a neurologist's office. Orris Ochre would leave no traces behind in the examination room to disturb the doctor or his other patients, many of whom might be experiencing olfactory sensitivity related to their conditions. Secondly, it soothes and comforts me, bolstering my sense of security and confidence, without which it would be difficult to scale this medical mountain.

Next week, I'm scheduled for both an EEG and a brain MRI. What to wear (besides no metal)? In past days I opted for Parfums De Nicolaï Balkis, but that was during the depths of winter. August demands that I eschew stronger Orientals for something more like a cologne-- light, invigorating, and above all, sheer.

I'm thinking that the crisp, hesperidic Mäurer & Wirtz 4711 might be a front-runner, with Voyage d'Hermès a close second. To ward off the chill of the MRI chamber without sacrificing summer aesthetics, Yves Rocher Vanille Noire or Hermès Ambre des Merveilles would be ideal. If a lotion is preferred, Voyage d'Hermès Lait Parfumé Pour le Corps provides fleeting fragrance and transparent coolness. On the warm side I'd reach for Paintbox Soapworks' Englishman (an exceptional leather-and-Earl-Grey-tea body cream) or just the smallest touch of Clinique Aromatics Elixir Body Smoother for the feeling of lying on a bed of moss in the summer shade...

Or perhaps I'll just wear my beautiful Orris Ochre again. After all, in a pinch, it's wise to stick with what works.