Quan Yin (Soivohle)

Purple the sails, and so perfumed, that
The winds were love-sick with them...

--William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra
After taking several days' break from Quan Yin, I resumed our rendezvous... and all previous doubts disappeared like morning mist. Once more I find myself captivated-- and the fact that I have dreamt resolutely of roses in the intervening time is, for me, the chief surprise. There are many other flowers I would be inclined to choose over the rose: immortelle, geranium, carnation, magnolia, iris.  Whenever genus Rosa came to my attention in the past, it was chaperoned by another, usually gourmand note: raspberry, chocolate, caramel. But this soliflore has joined a select society of fragrances (La Rose Jacqueminot, Fleurs de Bulgarie, India Gulab) capable of talking me around to a tête-à-tête with rose alone.

Radiant, airy, honey-sweet and wild, Quan Yin brings me a message from a far-off, less cynical realm where beauty's aim is not to deceive or manipulate, but to bring simple joy. I doubted this beauty at first, expecting it to mislead me, to turn sour, to let in darkness instead of light. But it holds firm, wearing after wearing; it does bring me joy, without trick or trap.

The only thing that can disappoint me now about Quan Yin is its limited supply. What I own of it is all I shall ever have... and when it is gone, traces of it will linger like the Nile breeze that swelled Cleopatra's sails, perfuming memory long after she has passed.

Scent Elements: Rose absolute, carnation, geranium, plum, oakmoss, amber, woods, musk