Riverwalk, renewed.

Mid-week holidays are a bitch. The return to workaday productivity after a breakout July 4th celebration is a leaden affair for most of us, made doubly difficult when the memory of fireworks and barbecues is still fresh. After magical hours spent chasing lightning bugs through the indigo summer dusk, who can Get Serious?

The strength to don my nametag this morning came courtesy of Liz Zorn's Riverwalk. This rich evergreen scent, woven of many aromatic threads, served as a sort of camouflage that I could draw around myself to conceal my distracted ambivalence. From the outside, people would only encounter its beauty; on the inside, I could feel protected and separate from whatever workplace chaos happened to unfold.

Good thing I own not one but two bottles. For medicinal purposes-- you understand.

Riverwalk and I go way back. One year before Hurricane Sandy, a friend sent me a sample from the Perfume Pharmer Summer of Patchouli Love Challenge. I adored it completely, awarded it five stars, and included it as the keystone review in my submission for the O Tannenbaum! group blog project. When the last drop of Riverwalk was gone, I thought there would be no more, and I mourned it.

Then in November 2012, Liz announced a Small Business Saturday sale to clean out Soivohle's back catalog. When I saw that Riverwalk would be included among the offerings, I leapt up as if stung by a thousand hornets. So low had I felt after the horrors of the hurricane that I took Liz's advertisement as a sort of divine text message, urging me toward self-comfort.

I realize that it's for this same reason that I've stockpiled enough Youth Dew to choke the proverbial horse; ditto Private Collection, Flora Bella, and Essence of Vali. Riverwalk is just one of a pantheon of fragrances that complete my Emergency Kit. In the face of disaster and uncertainty, there's nothing like the sense of blissful security one derives from one's comfort object in a time of need.

What would I do without it? I never want to find out.

Scent Elements: Bergamot, lavendar absolute, French lavender EO, star anise, galangal root, petitgrain, fir balsam absolute, rectified birch, choya loban, geranium leaf EO, geranium concrete, aged patchouli blend, patchouli absolute, cassis absolute, hay absolute, cedar blend, cocoa absolute, tonka bean tincture, Indonesian vetiver, benzoin Siam absolute, brown oakmoss, vanilla absolute, rosewood, linaloe, ho wood, ambergris