While I'm ahead...

...I've quit wearing Quan Yin. This morning, just before I sprayed it on for the fourth day in a row, it struck me that if I persisted in this mad course of action, I'd be in real danger of reaching the tipping point. You know what I mean-- the instant in which familiarity topples over into intolerable boredom.

From this came the realization that while I truly, truly love Quan Yin, there's still a core of uncertainty at the center of my love. My belief in this fragrance -- or in myself -- is not rock-solid. Some fragrances leave no room for doubt; Quan Yin is not one of them.

And yet I can't bear to view it with a jaded eye. So I put Quan Yin back and reached impulsively for Orris Ochre instead. I'm so grateful to have made this choice, for it resulted in the discovery that Orris Ochre blooms like mad in extreme heat and humidity. Previously so ephemeral on my skin, it asserted itself today with heretofore unrealized confidence and character. Its iris seemed richer, its suede thicker and more plush, its violets sweeter, liqueur-like and far from demure. I feel as though I have just encountered it for the first time and to the very fullest.

At least about one of these two fragrances, I harbor no doubts.