Wild Ginger Chai (Soivohle)

Sometimes the measure of a fragrance isn't the number of words you can assemble to express your feelings about it. Sometimes those feelings have little or nothing to do with the fragrance's inherent quality; on close examination, its good features might be outnumbered by its flaws. But if you use it -- over and over, day after day, refilling the decant sprayer THREE TIMES IN ONE WEEK because you're spraying it around so much -- then perhaps the word love is not too far-fetched.

Wild Ginger Chai is not the fanciest fragrance in the world. But in the same manner that I only reach for actual chai tea when I'm feeling poorly and need momentary comfort, I have been wearing Wild Ginger Chai all this difficult week. If pressed to explain what it does for me, I might just end up spraying its smoke and spices in your direction. You might understand. You might not.

But when your crisis comes... ask and ye shall receive.

Scent Elements: Tea, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, honey, caramel, hazelnut