Domino Viole (Soivohle)

How fitting for its name: Domino Viole is violet masquerading as leather, a flower disguised as a bristling wild beast. I've been wearing my sample on and off for days now, and I still haven't clearly identified the beautiful stranger peering at me through the mask. Perhaps I am never meant to know.

Begin the begin: Domino's violet smells so minty, I mistook it at first for patchouli-- or perhaps catnip. As it wends its way towards an attractive, mossy-resinous heart, our mischievous flower picks up a rather unusual companion: an anomalous note (clearly oud-driven) that can only be likened to black-olive brine. Salty-metallic, biological as blood, complete with a disturbing tang of oceanic iodine, the sorcery of this strange element drew my nose back to my wrist over and over with a frequency bordering on obsession. The woody drydown that follows is disappointingly flat... but when so much that is delightful and mysterious has gone before it, who can blame this bal de masque for ending on a quiet note?

Let this review serve as my RSVP: Why, I would be delighted.

Scent Elements: Violet, oud, herbs, jasmine absolute, iris, rose, lavender, oakmoss, musk