Donna Karan Iris (Donna Karan)

I imagine this spare fragrance is meant to project both sophistication and functionality, much like Karan's 1985 Seven Easy Pieces prêt-à-porter line, which hard-eyed Manhattan women trotted around town for years. Yet it feels beachy and easygoing to me-- in short, a world apart from that which Karan's urban devotees inhabit. Ambrette makes a nice playmate for this standoffish iris, lending it ballast and cutting its chill. The result is a sort of toned-down Dior Dune for those who consider a low profile their Number One fashion accessory. I imagine it makes a great masculine, too-- especially in the city, where people pretend they won't give an inch, yet everything is allowed.

Scent Elements: Iris, violet, magnolia, rose de mai, vetiver, ambrette seed.