Figgy Plum (Soivohle)

It's strange, isn't it? No sooner do I get done bashing Chrysalis than along comes Figgy Plum. I had almost forgotten that Liz Zorn never quite gives up on any accord, however difficult or uncooperative it might be-- and Figgy Plum shows evidence of being Chrysalis after a good, long, hard think. Here we have the same pairing of figs and butter, only this time amalgated into a smooth and balanced blend. No booze fumes, no rancidity, nothing that smacks of steaming hot landfill. In short, no fear factor. It IS a bit on the sugary side, and maybe a little reminscent of shampoo... but I'll take both of those over olfactory terror any day of the week. Wouldn't you?

Scent Elements: Fig, fig leaf, plum blossom, jasmine, violets, tobacco, labdanum, "dark sugar" accord, balsam Tolu, musk