Journeyman (Soivohle)

The Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Boulevard keeps Jim Morrison's leather pants sealed behind glass for more than just the obvious reason. Sure, they're an priceless part of rock 'n' roll history, iconic of an era lionized and a hero lamented. I don't doubt they're worth their weight in gold. But they also reek. They have to!

Think about it: Morrison danced orgiastically under hot stage lights, had Olympian sex, skipped showers, tripped in alleyways and deserts, and happily wore the same clothing for weeks. After so many years of Dionysian activity, what other outcome could be reached? The combined scents of unwashed skin and hair, marijuana, incense, Bushmills Irish whiskey, sweaty rockstar ass... Christ, I can almost smell those pants from here. (Are you sure that glass is thick enough?)

One can only imagine the Morrison Pong as being mammalian, powerful, and intimidating. Yet I've also read that women found his B.O. utterly irresistible, possibly even addictive-- a sort of hardcore catnip that dazzled their hippie senses. I believe them. Would this golden rock god have been mourned so keenly if his only legacy had been a foul rotgut stench?

Journeyman is what I like to think Jimbo smelled like, whether following a holy vision quest or a Chateau Marmont freakout. In this January 2011 post, Nathan Branch called it "a very wearable and arguably masculine mixture of amber, patchouli and leather. A rich, deep scent... (that) radiates beautifully in the heat, like sun-baked timber." Well said. But it leaves out the part of this fragrance that moves me the most: the man-skank. When Journeyman was first composed, oud -- which has been flogged like a dead horse in every possible way over the last two years -- was still a relatively new silhouette on the horizon. How unbelievably dirty it must have seemed at the time! How unbelievably dirty even now!

If the Hard Rock Cafe (or heck, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, located in Liz Zorn's adoptive homestate) wanted to present visitors with the genuine scent of the Lizard King's leathers, they wouldn't have to look very far for a facsimile. I wish they'd consider it... and give this fabulous discontinued scent a second charmed life.

Scent Elements: Suede, oud, amber, castoreum, opopanax, saffron, tobacco, cedar, angelica, rosewood, birch tar, ambergris, spices, incense, vanilla, musk.