Marron Caramel (Soivohle)

The bottle designed by Baccarat to house Caron's Nuit de Noël always struck me as a little bit off. Obsidian seems so heavy and morose for this delicate, creamy little chypre. I would have chosen a glass resembling milky green alabaster, chatoyant moonstone, moss agate-- and dyed that shagreen box black instead.

Marron Caramel unabashedly celebrates the color brown in shades graduating from palest panna cotta to the rich sienna of burnt sugar. Its creamy, cool nougat sweetness is faithful to the original Nuit de Noël's marron glacé theme, which contemporary reformulations have rendered somewhat less gorgeously opaque than in days of yore. Also absent is mousse de Saxe, to whose muted green quality my imagination pinned the vision of that fictional moss agate flacon.

But no matter. My nose declares Marron Caramel interesting-- and in such matters, I defer at once to its authority.

Scent Elements: Brown sugar, caramel, vanilla, musk, amber, angelica, ambrette, benzoin, labdanum