Misetu (Soivohle)

With all its sourness and sulphur, grapefruit continues to be a note I find personally challenging. I may never deliberately seek it out nor permit it to wholly win me over (as has cassis, to my intense guilty pleasure). But over time, our relationship has lost its contentiousness-- that acidic squirt-in-the-eye, so to speak.

In short, I can live with grapefruit... so long as it minds its damn manners.

Misetu is one of several fragrances that has helped me and grapefruit achieve a truce. Striking a perfect balance between tart and syrupy, it lends some well-rounded fun to a fruit that I have always associated with bitterness, self-denial, and doubt. Here's our friendly rubyfruit presented as a jazzy sangria, or else cooked down into marmalade, dense and jewel-toned, a true Southern treat. I liked the way magnolia and grapefruit held hands in Institut Très Bien's Cologne à la Française, but here they're front and center on the wedding altar, pledging their troth in a long sweet kiss for all the world to see.

You may now salute the bride!

Scent Elements: Red grapefruit, magnolia, ylang-ylang, clove, elemi, white lotus, rose absolute, tobacco, jasmine sambac, lavender absolute, champaca wood, vetiver