Vicolo Fiori (Etro)

Wherever flowers grow in overwhelming profusion, the mind ceases to distinguish individual blossoms and begins to view the whole as a single entity-- a sort of tutelary goddess who embodies every pleasure and joy that flowers have to offer. Inhaling her perfume makes a person happy without even knowing why.

Wearing the charmingly-named Vicolo Fiori ("Alley Flowers"), I feel ridiculously optimistic even though a busy day looms ahead. All the skepticism I might harbor towards the perfumer's notes (bluebell? waterlily? seriously?) dissolves in a sweetly penetrating creme floral that fairly drips with spring rain. The deliciously peachy drydown that follows vanquishes the last traces of doubt. I'm a believer!

Scent Elements: Bluebell, tangerine, waterlily, cyclamen, rose, ylang-ylang, melon, white peach, amber, vanilla