Ambra di Venezia (Montgomery Taylor)

This potentially exotic mixture of honeyed mango and sundry white flowers is marred by several dissonant notes. Two of them -- an odd toothpaste mint and an overly aggressive lime peel -- occur within the first minute, subtly eroding confidence. As it calms, Ambra di Venezia becomes more pleasant, less strident and "fresh", which implies a blessing to be eventually conferred upon the wearer.

Not so. Unfortunately, at this point the whole thing gears down (and I do mean DOWN) into a dank chlorine note tinged with unwholesome indoles, reminiscent of a dripping-wet and very much "used" bathing suit slung over a motel patio railing to mildew overnight.

In other words, the very part of summer you strive to forget come scrapbooking time.

Scent Elements: Narcissus, jasmine, mandarin, lime, sandalwood, mango