Cannabis Santal (Fresh)

The other night, I excavated no fewer than seventy (SEVENTY!) uncataloged perfume samples -- gifts from Lisa and Colleen -- from the way-back of the Scent Cabinet. Those arrivals must have induced quite the panic attack, for it appears that I stuffed them whole into the Cabinet's deepest recesses. Unearthing them stirs up once more that strange feeling of guilt-- even more keen now, since many of the samples have evaporated to nothing.

The angels will take their share, after all.

In sorting and logging this rediscovered hoard, I made a point of setting aside the samples most visited by the seraphim. Only about a quarter milliliter of Fresh Cannabis Santal remained, so I spritzed it on right away. What a lark! There was nothing santal about it, and very little cannabis (but again, that could be the fault of the proverbial angels, those midnight tokers). Rather, it smelled compellingly of a sweet treat I'd enjoyed this past Sunday.

After our foray into Shore Antiques, my spouse and I ducked around the corner to Cravings Bakery, where I selected a chocolate walnut square from the display case. A sort of Betty Crockerized version of the traditional Australian "millionaire's shortbread", it consisted of a base of rich pâte sablée layered with soft toffee and dark chocolate ganache, both studded liberally with chopped walnuts, and all ridiculously delicious. However, like most delicacies of its kind, it left me feeling ever so slightly logy-- and my fingers smelled most lastingly of brown butter, an aroma not easily vanquished by scrubbings with everyday soap.

In the end, Cannabis Santal had the same effect-- a heightening of appetite, followed by swift satiation and the rueful wish that one had indulged a bit less. (I wonder if angels suffer from heartburn... or, conversely, the munchies?)

Scent Elements: Bergamot, orange, plum, patchouli, cannabis accord, rose, chocolate, vetiver, musk, vanilla