Florentia 24 (I Profumi di Firenze)

According to their website, I Profumi di Firenze's entire perfume catalog is based on "secret" formulae commissioned by Catherine de'Medici in the 16th century and recreated by an Italian chemist in the 1960's. Now, either they invented AirWick during the Renaissance, or all this historical background is a crock of malarkey for tourists-- because this perfume smells like nothing more than cheap room deodorant spray, tinny and synthetic and utterly ghastly.

There's really nothing more to say except that Catherine de'Medici deserves a better legacy than this-- unless of course it was really her cut-throat ruthlessness I Profumi di Firenze was attempting to capture. Or maybe they've got her mixed up with Lucrezia Borgia. Or Erzsébet Báthory. My jury's still out.

Scent Elements: Bulgarian, Damascene, and tea roses, Italian windflower (anemone)