Fresh Lime Shower Cologne (Shiseido)

This long-discontinued splash seems to have only been marketed in Asia-- or so I gather from the Japanese-language blogs found by the redoubtable JoanElaine. But there is another possibility. Perhaps Japan Air Lines handed out these mid-size minis (25 ml.) to executives traveling Los Angeles-to-Tokyo or vice versa-- a fresh little freebie intended to restore bleary-eyed suits to some form of sobriety after half a dozen passes of that devilish old beverage cart. At any rate, it's zesty, zingy, and elegant-- the perfect pick-me-up for those lucky souls who fly first class.

Scent Elements: Lime peel set against a backdrop of assorted other hesperidic notes, and a hint of black pepper which for the longest time I never detected, but which my spouse picked up on right away. As soon as he pointed it out to me, there was no UN-noticing it.