Breathless Vintage Eau de Toilette (Parfums Charbert)

The 1933 debut fragrance of Parfums Charbert -- a Manhattan cosmetics company established to serve the "middle market" -- Breathless lagged one graduating class behind Tabu and preceded Shocking de Schiaparelli by a full four years. Clearly, popular culture had picked up on Tabu's down-and-dirty strategy and decided to storm the goal post. How better to achieve this aim than by populating the playing field with an entire team of smell-alikes? Hut-hut!

If one counts Tabu as the kickoff and Shocking as the final spectacular touchdown, Breathless is the quarterback who gets tackled only seconds after the snap-- and on his very first play, too! But don't consign this rookie to the sideline bench just yet. With a nice slug of skanky civet, a hint of moss murmuring in the background, and a yummy cream-soda finish, this pleasant little patchouli rose isn't exactly a game-changer. But it wears its varsity letter with pride. Go, team, go!

Scent Elements: Dear god, I have no idea. If I had to guess, I'd mark down patchouli and civet as certainties, with theoretical appearances by rose, benzoin, and musk.