Champs-Élysées (Guerlain)

Are you ready? Dig this.
The perfume bursts forth with a crystalline laugh: The transparency of rose with frosted petals softens the rise of tender, crushed mimosa leaves. In parallel, the light, acidic tempo of cassis berries harmonizes with the subtlety of almond tree flowers. The supremely refined and delicately sensitive heart palpitates with the silky shudder of mimosa flowers. These minuscule suns catch fire and lend the skin unexpected sensuality, a buoyant, dancing light that illuminates Buddleia, that enchanted tree known as the butterfly bush, which each spring welcomes clouds of butterflies that flock toward its spellbinding, lilac-accented scent. This long caress becomes pure voluptuousness when the dry-down blends carnal accents of hibiscus seed with the softness of almond tree wood.
"The silky shudder of mimosa flowers"? "Carnal accents of hibiscus seed"? Shut UP.

Well, at least the fragrance is nowhere near as egregious as the promotional copy, no matter what Luca Turin says. I can see how he might object to smelling like a Tokyo pop tween, but so far as "youthful" fragrances go, a kid could do worse. Not so the mature woman: at the age of forty-odd, I feel like mutton dressed up as spring lamb wearing Champs-Élysées. I imagine it was even worse for my mother, who requested and received a gift bottle at the age of sixty only to find that it made her smell literally like the supermarket candy aisle.

Moral of story: be careful what you wish for, because you might just get 75 ml. of it.

Scent Elements: Peach, cassis, melon, mimosa, almond, heliotrope, violet, anise, peony, lilac, muguet, rose, sandalwood, cedar, benzoin, ambrette, vanilla