Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur (Pierre Cardin)

I have to admit that I'm not feeling very motivated lately-- either to wear unfamiliar perfumes or to write about them. My source of inspiration seems both damned and dammed. So I'm reaching for a reliable fallback fragrance in the hopes that it will draw a trickle of creativity forth from the depths.

About Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur (1972), I can state matters very simply: it smells really, really, really good. It always has, and probably always will. The ancestors of this coumarinic soft floriental are Habit Rouge, L'Heure Bleue, Bellodgia and Florida Water; its descendents include PdN New York, Tom Ford Noir, and Fendi Uomo. That's a genealogy I can certainly admire-- and a family tree I feel no fear in climbing.

If you don't pay too much attention to the Basenotes wolves who snarl and scrap over production years and batch-lot numbers, you can relax into just about any vintage of PCPM, safe in the knowledge that you're in the hands of one of the nicest, most laid-back scents in the biz. My bottle is marked "Shulton © 1974" on the bottom, which might mean something to someone. Me, I'm only interested in what's inside the bottle and what it does on my skin and for my mood. The answer: it works wonders.

As for the "Pour Monsieur" part, don't you ladies fret. Like Cardin's iconic late-'60's fashions, PCPM possesses a cheerful genderless quality which makes it universally wearable by all. And if anyone at Basenotes tries to tell you that it's only for the hairy-chested... bark right back at 'em.)

Scent Elements: Lemon, orange, lavender, basil, bergamot, carnation, geranium, leather, oakmoss, patchouli, sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, benzoin, vanilla