Vamp à NY (Honoré des Prés)

I would have worn this sooner if I had not read a fellow blogger's assessment of it as "vile". In the comments thread, a crowd gathered to applaud her before adding their own epithets to the pile. I love that you HATE this, one crowed. Blech, shuddered another.

They're all right, of course; this is not a good perfume. It's simultaneously cloying, sweet, short-lived, and boring-- essentially Kai on an austerity budget. It does absolutely nothing to overturn my dislike of tuberose. And for such a "futuristic" perfume (Honoré des Prés founder Olivia Giacobetti's word, not mine), its drydown smells like sun-spoiled Youth Dew, or Granny's tatty old underpants. I wore it today; I won't wear it again. There are mistakes one never makes twice, unless one is a fool.

Scent Elements: Tuberose, rum, vanilla, benzoin, balsam Tolu, balsam Peru