Silences Eau de Parfum Sublime (Jacomo)

I've been on a severe galbanum kick lately. Ma Griffe, Via Lanvin, Chanel No. 19... if it's mean and green, I'm first in line.

I'm sure this craving is due to the fact that I'm experiencing serious ambivalence about my job-- not a comfortable prospect, having already sunk thirteen years of my life into it. Every day brings eight hours of anger and humiliation; every night the tears I've held in come pouring out. I tell myself I'm doing it for my husband, our kitty cat, our cozy home, the almighty pension... but wearing galbanum? That's for me. Its crisp, cold, standoffish quality helps me to maintain the necessary distance to tolerate (as Ian Curtis put it) the day in, day out, day in, day out.

However, during off-hours, one needs to gear down into a slightly more forgiving frame of mind-- otherwise your spouse, cat, and home (not to mention the pension) will never be as happy as you'd like. If the galbanum featured in the original 1978 Silences is a bit too brutal for home wear, the new(ish) Silences EdP Sublime offers a touch of sweetness along with sanctuary.

The combination of cassis and galbanum always totals up to a triumph in my book. In Silences Sublime -- as in another great green cassis, Missoni Original -- the mutual sharpness of these two notes are displayed to best advantage in contrast to a third, much sweeter note. In Missoni, it's honey; here, it's a nectary pear. The wearer has all the benefit of galbanum's edginess without its accompanying froideur.

By Wednesday, when this four-day weekend is over, I may well be back in Ma Griffe. But for now, I'll take the kinder, gentler route. If you knew me, you would thank me for it.

Scent Elements: Aldehydes, cassis, galbanum, pear, rose, iris, narcissus, lily-of-the-valley, vetiver, sandalwood, musk