A flower, from the heart.

As I sort and straighten, the Scent Cabinet continues to give up its long-forgotten treasures. Example: Coeur de Fleur by Miller Harris. Despite a positive introduction two-odd years ago, this delightful fragrance rapidly wound up in perfume purgatory. Why? I can only offer the most hackneyed of reasons for our estrangement: so many perfumes, so little time. Swept from my sight by a flood of incoming 'fumes, Coeur de Fleur remained true to type: "a fickle thing, designed... to wither and fade".

And yet it seems that my memory of Coeur de Fleur, though buried, was not erased; it is easily refreshed with one spray. It's still the scent of "milk, sap, honey, spice, all in dilution", but was that ever a bad thing? It calls to mind both Givenchy L'Interdit and L'Artisan La Chasse aux Papillon, both of which I own in greater quantity, and both of which I've worn in the interim. Maybe therein lies the problem: these two fragrances usurped Coeur de Fleur's place in my purse because I thought I had more of them to use up.

But whatever its volume, perfume slowly evaporating in a spray vial is no good to anyone. It must needs be worn-- and so yesterday and today I spent time with an old olfactory friend.

I could not be happier for our reunion.