Agar Musk (Ramón Monegal)

I think I've figured Ramón Monegal out: three duds for every beauty. My first three fizzled; Dry Wood dazzled. So did this one, so I'd expect the next three would just waste my time.

As its name suggests, Agar Musk is two things: a deep, dark oud and a rich, animalic musk. The first glistens like a polished lignite bead on a black satin cord; the second is as slick, frisky, and alive as a otter glimpsed among riverbank reeds. But here you'll also find a great smoky vetiver, a supple touch of leather, and (I swear it!) a touch of costus producing the unmistakable effect of unwashed but wet hair-- smooth, glossy, warmed by the sun and scented by the skin. And maybe Agar Musk is derivative of a hundred other, similar fragrances, but in all the right ways and best aspects. If it reminds me of something, it's something I want to be reminded of.

Speaking of memory, for the life of me I can't recall where I put my sample of Mon Patchouly-- and I don't count it as much of a loss so long as there's Agar Musk to wear. I'm good. I'm set.

Scent Elements: Oud, leather, nutmeg, vetiver, amber, musk.