All morning long with Absolue Pour le Soir.

The morning of a day when a blizzard is due seems fraught with panicked activity-- so much to do, so many places to go, so many hatches to batten down before snow blots out all opportunity! I hit the laundromat (three loads wash-and-dry, hurry, HURRY!) and grocery store (milk! bread! cream without which coffee is USELESS!) and raced home to lock windows, locate flashlights, and count cans of soup. All the while, I wore Absolue Pour le Soir, which I love because: A) it insulates me like a form-fitting angora knit dress, B) it blends well with the warm, sleepy scent of hair washed last night, C) it reminds me of Michael Storer's Winter Star but is more honeyed and less, well, rude. But I'll make you a deal: if we get those twelve promised inches of white stuff and the library stays closed tomorrow, I'll wear Winter Star ON TOP OF Absolue Pour le Soir and hole up in my lair like a cavewoman. Let the Ice Age begin!