Coffee and Cedar (Plume Perfumes)

After my appendectomy, I felt overwhelmed-- mentally, physically, sensorially. Ten days in the sterile atmosphere of the hospital blunted my perceptions to such a degree that the palest fragrances smelled like full-strength Giorgio. But eventually equilibrium reasserted itself; I celebrated its return with an application of Plume Perfumes' Coffee and Cedar.

A sample of this all-natural, artisanal perfume oil had come to me in a care package from Natalie, who wrote about her own experience with it here. I wanted that comforting softness she described-- and Coffee and Cedar seemed to deliver on its promises. Could it be a new favorite along the lines of Arabie or Jolie Madame? From my initial description of it as "a rich, complex scent blend", you'd assume so.

It must have been the hyperosmia talking, because now -- twenty months later -- I feel thoroughly puzzled by my former infatuation for this scent. Where is all its complexity, longevity, density, depth? It seems so mild and nondescript today, nothing like the espresso powerhouse I recall. Has time diminished its potency to the same degree that my memory seems to have magnified it?

Or has the coffee simply gone cold?

Scent Elements: Citrus, lavender, rose, vanilla, patchouli, Atlas cedar, Virginia cedar, coffee, incense