Dry Wood (Ramón Monegal)

Wobbling on the brink of totally dismissing Ramón Monegal and all his no-good fragrances, I reach for the next sample in line: Dry Wood, about which Birgit of Olfactoria's Travels wrote... what's the opposite of an accolade? Malediction? Anathema? No matter. It could not damn, for I was already damned. Because I really like Dry Wood. I mean, really, REALLY like it. Jesus Christ, finally something to like!

Given my previous experiences with the rest of the Monegal line, I didn't expect to take to this fragrance at all-- so there must be significance in the fact that I wear it one day and can't wait to wear it again the next. What more succinctly hammers home the primacy of empirical knowledge over prejudice? But don't believe me: you have to wear this thing yourself to see what I mean.

Every minute brings something new to the fore, not the least thrilling of which is a fresh and unexpected green bell pepper aroma that wafts in a moment after the lemon-herb top notes have finished setting the stage. (Monegal's website offers readers both Spanish and English options, but strangely, the scent notes en la versión en idioma español are expresado en francés-- so "pepper" is given as poivre when I am certain they really meant poivron.) At any rate, bay and summer savory make a very Mediterranean scent of Dry Wood. In this herbal bouquet I recognize traces of Nueva Maja-- and of course Myrurgia having been founded by the Monegals, perfume remains a family affair.

I just wish the rest of the family were as scintillating, as fascinating, as likable as Dry Wood-- the black swan of the flock.

Scent Elements: Citron, cedar, bay leaf, pepper, oakmoss, savory, sandalwood, cashmeran, Norlimbanol woods accord