A rose in winter.

Today a passing whim led me to wear the Sophia Grojsman-designed Sun Moon Stars by Karl Lagerfeld. Why? It's only twenty-five degrees out; there's yet another snow-spewing winter 'event' heading our way, and I've reached the limit of my patience with man, beast, and Mother Nature. I want little more out of life than a warm sweater and soup heated to the near-boiling point... but the soul requires its own nourishment, and so I must add a peachy, spiced-up rose to the pile.

"I am not sorry," said I when I first obtained this fragrance from the antique store-- and I am not sorry now. The woody, golden, warm timbre of this rose says to me, You may not be happy now, but you will be again. Spring will come. Nothing can stop it.

I believe every syllable.