Lily, Lily.

The last time I wore Lys Fume, I felt extremely negative-- bad day, bad brain, bad life. I blamed Lys Fume for a goodly portion of the letdown I experienced that day, reasoning that if I'd chosen to smell like a weakling, I deserved to be treated like one.

Since that day, I have (as Princess Merida would say) "changed m'fate"-- taking a different library job which (after the usual bureaucratic resistance) promises to let me move on from the unhealthy conditions that have for so long mired me in misery. Perhaps in acknowledgement of the turmoil which once clouded my perceptions, I chose to wear Lys Fume to the new workplace today... and I loved it! So sweet, salty, smoky, purifying-- how did I not recognize this before? Had the penetrating reek of brimstone from my own personal hell gotten in the way?