Nocturne (2 Note Botanical Perfumery)

Evocative of night... a sultry ensemble. So says this perfume's creator, and from its list of seductive scent notes, one might be led to expect something along those lines. But insofar as a note list provides a one-dimensional perfume with a three-dimensional mask behind which to hide, the truth is that Nocturne is immortelle and nothing more. Now, immortelle is not the most multi-faceted smell in the world; it doesn't give in to other scents easily, nor does it allow room for variation. You can pair it with any number of other notes, and it will vanquish them all in the end. This is what seems to have happened to Nocturne: all those other enticing scent notes may have gone into the vat, but they certainly never came back out. I imagine that after a minute, they simply became moot by default. So wear this if you really, really like immortelle... and don't ask questions about where the rest of the "ensemble" went. Maybe they stepped outside for a cigarette.

Scent Elements: Black tea, cardamom, Moroccan rose, ginger, rosewood, green pepper (capiscum), cognac, honey, vetiver