Boyfriend (Kate Walsh)

He came to me already secondhand. On his label, a friend had written, I swear I'm not nuts. Ridiculous-- why would I think it? But no sooner did I let him out of the vial than I understood why the parting had left her a little frazzled.

Heavy-lidded and a little bit louche, smelling of warm skin and sleep, he made himself instantly at home on my pulse points. Really, the way he draped himself all around, you'd think he owned the place and everything in it... including me. And after not so very long, he did.

He maddened me for a sweet season, good to his last drop. And then, that was that. I may never see the likes of him again. But forever -- and desperately -- I'll be searching for him everywhere I go.

Scent Elements: Plum, myrrh, lily, jasmine, patchouli, benzoin, musk, amber, vanilla, woods