Exotic Coral (Judith Lieber)

Like Fhloston Paradise -- the interplanetary pleasure dome of The Fifth Element fame -- Judith Lieber Exotic Coral is an elaborately-staged fantasy containing nothing of the real tropics. All of its lei flowers are made of polyester. All of its daiquiris originated as powdered mix. Its ocean air is piped in through vents, accompanied by the helpful, hopeful sound of pre-recorded surf. Running rampant over it all is a thoroughly obnoxious, in-your-face tiare that DJ Ruby Rhod would undoubtedly LOVE. And that in itself should be enough to warn a reasonable person to pick another vacation destination.

Scent Elements: Clementine, key lime, rum, sea breeze accord, jasmine, violet leaves, tiare, sandalwood, coconut milk, heliotrope