Narcisse Blanc (Caron)

I'm back to random perfume picking from the jumble drawer-- rolling with the punches and accepting that not every selection is going to be a success. This one illustrates the situation perfectly, for I disliked Narcisse Blanc the moment I applied it. Of course, the moment I chose was the one immediately preceding my departure for work, which meant there was no time to "take it back" with a quick scrub. I wore it in a state of nagging discomfort half the day, then bravely reapplied to see if I felt any differently. I did not.

I will not say that Narcisse Blanc is a bad perfume; it really isn't. Nor will I blame it on those bridal orange blossoms; I enjoy them in far too many other perfumes to indict them here. Let me express it my unease mathematically, in an irreducible formula: indoles + powder = baby diaper. If that's your cup of tea, Narcisse Blanc's a well-constructed specimen... and by all means, help yourself. I won't stop you.

Scent Elements: Orange blossom, neroli, petitgrain, jasmine, rose, lime, vetiver, sandalwood, iris, amber, musk